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Animal husbandry for schools

"Short-Horn Cattle: A Series of Historical Sketches, Memoirs and Records of the Breed" - Alvin Howard Sanders, 1918, 902 pp.


Shorthorn Cattle

"The Training and Breaking of Horses" - Merritt Wesley Harper, 1918, 387 pp.


The Training and Breaking of Horses

"Management and Breeding of Horses" - Merritt Wesley Harper, 1913, 466 pp.


Management and Breeding of Horses

"Songs of the Cattle Trail and Cow Camp" - John Avery Lomax & William Lyon Phelps, 1919, 189 pp.


Songs of the Cattle Trail and Cow Camp

"The Complete Grazier and Farmers' and Cattle-Breeders' Assistant" - William Fream & William Youatt, 1893, 1086 pp.

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"Cattle Breeds and Origin" - David Roberts, 1916, 177 pp.

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"Manual of Cattle-Feeding" - Henry Prentiss Armsby, 1902, 525 pp.

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"Domestic Animals: A Pocket Manual of Cattle, Horse and Sheep Husbandry" - Daniel Harrison Jacques, 1858, 160 pp.

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"Cattle and Cattle-Breeders" - William McCombie & James Macdonald, 1894, 157 pp.

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