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"Like a Poet" by CTSK

My own English written poems and verses from everything human. :)
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"#Intimacy is not purely physical. It's the act of connecting with someone so deeply, you feel like you can see into their soul. " @SimplyCTSK #SimplyCTSK

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"People wait all week for #Friday, all year for #summer and all life for #Happiness. " @SimplyCTSK

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New Delhi | नई दिल्ली Metro Station

If you're carrying the restlessness in your life, then you're alive. If you're carrying the lighting dreams in your eyes, you're alive. Like a gust of wind, learn to live free. Learn to flow like the waves that makes a sea. Let your arms be wide open, to every moment you meet. May every moment gift you a new sight to greet. If you're carrying your wonder in your eyes, you're alive. #SimplyCTSK

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Flying away in the open sky are the #birds of my #Dreams. #simplyctsk #simplyquotesseries

Beauty is just an optical illusion of the mind. #SimplyCTSK #SimplyQuotesSeries by me. All the thoughts are mine. Follow me here for more quotes. //