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Short Story: Slapstick and Tickle - The story of tow star-crossed and accident prone lovers!

WOODY ALLEN ANNOUNCED his new movie today. Entitled Situation Normal, it will be his least controversial to date. It’s the totally fictional account of a weird collection of characters in New York and their impact on each other’s lives.

MY JOURNALIST/WRITER friend Suzan St Maur very kindly asked me to write an article on the importance of words to cartoonists for her excellent website How To Write Better.

A guest blog I wrote for my friend, journalist and writer Suzan St Maur. The way we cartoonists come up with ideas is, in my opinion, inextricably linked to words.

EVERY YEAR, FEBRUARY 14th comes around to remind everyone of how much High Street greetings cards shops love them. Although thousands of people across the globe indulge in sending gooey sweet messages to their “Bunnykins” or their “SmudgeBall”, very few are aware of the origins of the day itself.

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