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Fenella Elms - Edges - Very fine ribbons of mostly porcelain clay delicately aligned and joined with slip to create intricate structures -built onto an under-sheet of porcelain - fired together.

Lucy McRae: Blurring The Lines Between Art, Technology And The Human Form

Work by Lucy McRae "ROBYN ALBUM COVERS": Suspended from a delicately constructed coat hanger construction floats a seven layered paper pixel textile of electro-pop icon Robyn, with the real Robyn knitted amongst her seven other selfs.

Microbiological Textiles Design using laser cut leather to recreate skin cell patterns; fabric manipulation // Abigail Barnes

Sarah Benning 2009 latex

Details @ Dior.

Oihana Garaluce

Textural Embellishment for 3D textures inspired by organic form; couture fashion detail // Stephane Rolland Spring 2013

Jane Bowler - Mixed Media Materials

wedding organza ribbon stole wedding stole by japanmomijidesigns

Lauren Moriarty - Laser Cut Lace Panels