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Lingerie Diaries#4- World Beauties

They took the world by storm...They made u fantasize..They made u drooled..They swooned the world with their mesmerizing beauty!
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The former winner of both the Miss India and Miss Universe competition and also the winner of the Gladrags Mega Model crown, Lara Dutta has had a far better run in Bollywood than most of her counterparts. Lingerie Police says: Lara makes the onlookers drool when she storm out in a bikini..she sported her fab figure in films such as Blue & Housefull.


The queen of Modeling and now the queen of Bollywood, and now the Bahu of the first family of Bollywood, Aishwarya has had a stellar rise to fame and she can thank all that to her first winning the Miss World crown. Lingerie Police says: Ash looks petite and gorgeous in this printed swimwear. what say?


She won the Miss Universe crown the same year Aish won the Miss World crown. But somehow, even though Miss universe was considered more prestigious and she beat Ash in the Miss India competition, Sush hasn't quite had the same luck careerwize as Ash has had! Lingerie Police says: simple and elegant 2 words that say when we look at her in a velvet swimsuit!


This 20 yr old Chandigarh girl Vanya Mishra makes us proud by wining the final round of Miss World 2012! Lingerie Police says:She is wearing hot 2 piece by our very own lingerie designers Shivan & Narresh! a super thumbs up for this beauty!


The most successful Miss India turned actress till date. Priyanka not only won the Miss World pageant in 2002 but she has shown that she is a pretty darn good actress by going on to win almost every "Best Actress" award there is to get these days for her acting. Hats off to this all-rounder babe! Lingerie Police says: you may give this pic a miss! but u certainly will never forget the Dostana gold bikini that she flaunted!


Diana Hayden in something a black swimsuit. Diana won the miss world 1997 crown at just 24 years old. Lingerie Police says: this black heavily embellished swimsuit is definitely over the top ensemble.. though a prestigious pageant..this is a complete no no and that turban adds to its misery!


Lingerie Diaries: World Beauties These Femme Fatale's took the world by a storm flaunting their curves in a swimsuit!

La petite is our Miss Asia Pacific crown winner! she is always know for her dainty looks and style. she may have given least hits but she is always hit with her sartorial sense of fashion!