Kajal Agrawal, petite and sweet girl gives us a show of her bra in a fitted black top! Fashion Police Says: though nude can sometime be seen under thin fabric..we say a black under black is a better bet!

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Our Ravy baby showed us a little peek a boo! fitted thin top and black bra underneath..not that offend able! Fashion Police Says: here's a little secret you should know..if your bra is showing under your top cover it with some scarves or chunky jewelery!

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Now this a would not be in any one's wildest fantasy! Kat showing off her enviable figure in a sheer top! Fashion Police Says: wonder where is she coming from, looks like she was in super hurry..what we catch is a metallic bra that she is seen wearing underneath a super thin blouse! Kat is surely making us think that she is ready for an image change!

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Bips again giving us a look at her intimate! she walks in with short skirt and a sheer blouse, so sheer that she conveniently carries this see through look! Fashion Police Says: Hot yet sweet! she carries this look with naughtiness and élan!

Kangy Baby our Bollywood brat, though looks sweet in this attire..here's what you cannot miss! her bra under that lace top! Fashion Police Says: love the look! not over the top..but under actually :P

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Bollywood diva's step out and give us a peek a boo moment!

Queen Gauri the better half our Bollywood Badshah shocked the whole fashion fraternity and her industry friends by showing her wild side! literally! Fashion Police Says: agreed a nude bra cannot be seen in any color shade,,but who says that it cannot be seen in such a thin fabric? its a definite Faux Pas!

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#nehadhupia set the FHM cover on fire appearing in a sexy biker look wearing a biker jacket with a black lacy bra & french knickers. get the look here: get the bra>http://goo.gl/Wrgt7 get the panty>http://goo.gl/xJ9AC

Alia Bhatt is turning out to be quite a fashionista! recently she did a dare bare act at a premiere of a movie wearing a sheer top and a see through bra! we call it a Sheer Hotness!! if you love her look then experiment this style with prints, dark colors or lacy inners. get the look>www.shopimagine.in/victoria-rose-black-demi-cup-bra.html?SID=8lr2ntodafg6o94rtkd20rsi57

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Alia or Chitrangada? both beauties are giving us a peek-a-boo.. tell us how would you wear your sheer's?

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