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(100+) adini feriha koydum | Tumblr... when Cansu and Hande gifted a dustbin to Feriha on ger birthday and Emir was trying to talk to her and support hr

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The 48.episode's summary of ShowTv. FERIHA AND AMIR FRONT OF THEIR FAMILIES! Emir and Feriha has a hard time in the hospital, they are shocking again when they know that Unal has caused to all that happened. Newly minted couple will see hostility between two families once more. Feriha sure to stay in the hospital though reaction of his family and Mehmet, to keep out Feriha. Emir wants to learn what happened between Rza and Unal thats why, he ask for clarification to Unal for that.Unal and…

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(Emir pulls Feriha by the arm.....) Emir: What did you say to Cansu? Feriha: Go and ask her. Emir: You stole everything of hers, right? Her home, her family, and I lost everything .. do you remember all of this? Feriha: You do not understand anything! (Feriha tries to go but Emir prevents .) Emir: You hate her because she shamed you at your poor sad game. It was like a piece of cake in your hand, and you lost me because of it!! (Feriha raises her hand to slap Emir but he captures hand) Emir…

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Ep49: Cansu:You are sleeping with my dad's Partner...Its 4 months only...My father wasn't here until 4 month.What kind of woman are you??. Sanem:Cansu are you now going to listen to me? Cansu: You killed my father! You killed my father Once more.With that man you truned my dad's death. Sanem:look we can't talk like this,that woman's silliness. Cansu:Silliness....Silliness is you**** My dad got this neckless for you.And this.......And this.....And the close was bought from my dad's money.This…

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