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The delicious warm Rasagullas melts in the mouth. Another very special and native to Odiya dessert is Chena poda pitha (cottage cheese cake) which is slowly baked in earthen fire for few hours and then cooled down for hours before serving.These cakes are very famous through out Odisha. The cakes are purely made of chenna with small amount suji (semolina) to bind. This is said to be the favorite dessert of Lord Jaganath.

This is a lovely dessert from Odhisa and I have fond memories of gulping it down warm and fresh from the sweet shop. The town centre is lined up with shops specialising with this particular dessert. It is very simple and basically a different version of Gulab jamun. As most of Odiya desserts are milk based and milk is curdled to make chenna that is widely used. Fresh chenna is used in this recipe