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Regional Karaoke Songs is a website, based in India for all the music lovers who wish to promote aesthetic cultural music from all parts of India and elsewhere. We realized we should share this vision of promoting music from all over the world. Recognizing the opportunity, we left our jobs and joined hands. The rest, as they say, is history in the making. Less ego, more collaboration. Less rigidity, more innovation.
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Telugu Karaoke Songs:- SONG NAME - Aakalesthe MOVIE/ALBUM - Shankar Dada Zindabad SINGER(S) - Mamata Mohan Das, Naveen Download Songs @

English Karaoke Songs:- SONG NAME - Catch Sunita In Car MOVIE/ALBUM - Chutney Therapy SINGER(S) - Hitman, Adesh Download Song @

Customized Karaoke Songs:- 5 Customized Karaoke - MP3 Download @

Bhojpuri Karaoke Songs:- SONG NAME - Lootala MOVIE/ALBUM - Caribbean Carnival Soca Party 4 SINGER(S) - Sonny Mann Download Songs @

Arabic Karaoke Songs:- SONG NAME - Ah We Noss SINGER(S) - Nancy Ajram Download Songs @

Kannad Karaoke Songs:- SONG NAME - Aakasa Baagide MOVIE/ALBUM - Private Album Download Songs @

Other Language Karaoke Songs:- Find different language karaoke songs at one place Download songs @

Bhajan Karaoke Songs:- SONG NAME - Ankhiyan Meri Hari Darshan Ki Pyaasi Download Song @

Begali Karaoke Songs:- SONG NAME - Aailaina Aailaina MOVIE/ALBUM - Best Of Sorifuddin SINGER(S) - Sorifuddin LANGUAGE - Bangla Download @

Gujarati 50 Minutes medley Karaoke Songs:- SONGS INCLUDED - Tara Vina Shyaam Jaag Re Malan Jaag Hun To Kagaliya Lakhi Lakhi Thaki Dholida Tu Evo Koi Pankhida o Pankhida Kukda Tari Boli Mane Mithi Mithi Lage Sava Baser Nu Maru Datardu Hey Rang Rasiya Nadi Kinare Nariyeli Re Garam Masaledar Khati Mithi Vangi Download karaoke song