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Malcolm R. Campbell

Malcolm R. Campbell ... I’ve spent the bulk of my career as a technical writer for computer companies, most of which fell on hard times, though I don’t think it was my fault. I’ve also worked as a college journalism instructor, grant writer, and corporate communications director. Currently, I’m a contributing writer for a north Georgia magazine called Living Jackson. My first novel, The Sun Singer, was published in 2004, followed by a book of satire in 2006 called Worst of Jock Stewart.

Interview: Shelagh Watkins

Interview: Shelagh Watkins ... Susan Whitfield, author of three published novels, Genesis Beach, Just North of Luck and Hell Swamp, interviewed Shelagh Watkins on her blog on Monday 12th October: Shelagh Watkins is writer, editor and publisher at Mandinam Press, and author of three books: Mr. Planemaker’s Flying Machine, Mr. Planemaker’s Diving Machine and The Power of Persuasion. She set up the Children’s Fiction group on LibraryThing, and the Published Authors Network group on…

D. T. Pollard

DT Pollard ... Today’s guest, Essence magazine bestselling author, D.T. Pollard, has authored several books and is a member of the Authors Guild. His first novel The Trophy Wife Network was published in April 2006 followed by Rooftop Diva: a novel of triumph after Katrina in September 2006. Fool’s Heaven is his third novel. Rooftop Diva made the Essence bestselling hardcover extended list in October 2007.

Jean Holloway

Jean Holloway ... I would like to welcome Jean Holloway, who has stopped in on her blog tour, Banned from Vegas. Jean’s books from her Deck of Cardz series are fictional detective stories following the career of a female lead homicide detective, Shevaughn Robinson. Ace of Hearts and Black Jack are currently available online and by request at your local bookstores.

Is Writing Replacing Reading? ... So, what was I thinking? I was thinking about all these books that most people believe they have in them. I received a phone call recently from a call centre trying to sell accident insurance. The young woman asked me what I did for a living. I said I was a writer. “Oh,” she replied, “is that right? What have you written? A book?” I said that I had written a couple of books. “I must have a go at that someday,” she said.

Mr. Planemaker’s Flying Machine on Preston FM ... Preston FM is about to serialise the children’s fiction novel, Mr. Planemaker’s Flying Machine for the daily morning programme, Chat City. The time: 8.20am (GMT) every morning Monday to Friday The place: Chat City on Preston FM The starting date: May 11th 2009

Self-Published to Published Author and Vice-Versa ... I promised Jeff Rivera that I would write an article about how he self-published his first novel, Forever My Lady. Problem is, I promised over eight months ago. Other things took over and this remained waiting to be written until today when I finally made a start. So, how did I meet Jeff? I sent him an email after I read a post on a teenage forum asking members to check out his website and download a PDF file of Forever My Lady.

Self-Publishing: not an Easy Option ... Often, those who gain a great deal of pleasure from any form of entertainment feel a desire to share that enjoyment with others. Unfortunately, readers rarely share the same kind of enthusiasm for works of fiction by unknown authors and, although new writers may be engrossed in the process of writing, this doesn’t spill over to readers.