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Tangy kokam flavour and grated coconut beautifully blend with fresh prawns to create this comforting prawn curry. It drives away winter blues by putting you in a siesta mode. Let's call it 'susegado' food, which mean 'to relax' in Goan. This recipe will be your lunchtime delight.

Want to see your little one's eyes sparkle with joy? On the occasion of Children's Day today, we bring you 10 fantastic, fun-filled recipes that are everything but conventional. On the menu are, yummy cake pops, colourful and nutritious idlis, a delectable chocolate marshmellow pizza and white cheese and chicken lasagne, among others. Sounds delicious, doesn't it? Bring out the child in you and along with your kiddos cook up these innovative recipes to set the party rolling on your dinner…

You might have had a bad morning or a horrible day, but the one thing that can completely change your mood is the aroma of tantalising food that will arouse your senses. We are die-hard foodies and it is the most important solution to all our problems. It isn't a surprise then that we like to get fancy with lunch, almost everyday! To keep our tummies full and our hearts satiated, here's the recipe of creamy malai paneer cooked with a good mix of cashews, kassori methi and garam ...

On World Diabetes Day, we present the ultimate guilty pleasure - pizza! Except, that you can effortless take away the 'guilty' tag as it is enriched with sauce and spice and everything nice. With capsicum, spinach and mushroom paired with fresh tomato pizza sauce and a wholewheat base, this pizza is perfect as an occasional treat.

Communication is a very important part of a marriage. Especially when it involves topics that could result in conflict, like finances or family planning. Here are some of the ‘sticky' topics you'll have to discuss with your significant other and ways to deal with them. Image courtesy: ©Shutterstock Don't Miss! 10 Questions Every Couple Must Ask Themselves Before Getting Married

You are not the same person I married: We all change and grow in our own ways to deal with marriage. What’s important is that you appreciate the change and approve of it.

There are arguments and then there are ARGUMENTS. While every married couple has the odd tiff now and then, there are some arguments that are best solved early on to avoid a divorce scenario. Here is a list of 12 situations that we feel you must avoid or tackle before they turn into a scary divorce argument.Image courtesy: ©Thinkstock photos/Getty image/Shutterstock Don't Miss! 20 Post-Marriage Changes No One Told You About