Widows of india A small town of 6,000 widows in Vrindavan where a women spends her entire life wearing a white saree after the death of her husband. Some widow still living helpless from Bengal, some near the waters of Varanasi while some widows of Rajasthan living a lonely life inside a small hut.

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Widow Marriage Act The widow remarriage act of 1856 being legalized to all the women in India is still being not supported by citizens. Different ideologies and thoughts have been put forth by great personality and reformed the law time and time.

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Widows remarriage The remarriage after widowhood is the right that one can have or think on for second marriage. In a way, it doesn’t stress about the remarriage as compulsory agenda but one can think and prefer about second marriage until he or she wishes.

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Pregnant Woman After the post-wedding of the couple, both the families of married couples await and expect the couple to have a child within a year.

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Swimming is a workout activity because if you want to survive under the water, then you need to move your body with the help of hands and legs. So, when your legs and hands move constantly the body consumes a lot of energy that leads to body workout like burning your calories.

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Widows Marriage In India Can Change Her Life. We all talk about the marriage as the biggest happiness, fun, preparation, two families, and other chaos.

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