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Bridal Plan for a perfect beautiful Bride. There is a perceived notion in the minds of brides and grooms that one should start exercising or dieting one month before the wedding to get in shape and get that glowing skin.


Healthy diet plan before D-Day Are you still left with 3 months of wedding? And you might not be knowing how to maintain the diet, even if you know your workout activities for the day.


Get your body balanced with appropriate postures and flexibility that gives you the strength both mentally and physically. Basically, this workout concentrates both the mind and body using a floor mat and different equipment.


All we know that the morning sumptuous is a breakfast that varies from one state to another in terms of the type of food and taste.

It is a good idea to protect yourself from the flu and germs, but not at the cost of overdoing it. If you do, an ingredient in the sanitizer, which contributes to making bacteria resistant to antibiotics, can be harmful.

Over stretching a muscle can lead to lots of problems we ourselves don’t realize. After the workout, don’t try to stretch the cold muscles else some injury can take place.

When you are striving to lose-weight before your D-Day to look that perfect bride or groom on the stage who is admired by each and everyone present, the enthusiasm or we would even call it tension of reducing the weight often leads to going against the body and ultimately over do.

Even you are doing perfectly the way it should be for your skincare and fitness, it is still of no use if you don’t maintain a healthy diet.

Similar to the skin care, it is never too early to start your fitness plan to get the perfect shape to get donned in that bridal outfit you have spent thousands or lakh of bucks.

If weight loss is your ultimate goal before your special day, even if the healthy nuts, avocados, oils which are healthy for your skin and hair for the wedding needs to be cut down on.