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MODA Vintage inspired cotton fabric with a distinct 1950's feel, cocktail glasses, multi coloured stripes and retro patterns - Social Club by The Comstocks - So much more han just a quilting panel we think :)

1950s inspired cotton fabric by Baby Jane - Quilting Panel for a retro inspired nursery perhaps?

MODA Cotton Fabric - Hearty Good Wishes Ocean Blue - Novelty Seagulls by Janet Clare

Novelty Character Animal Christmas Fabric with snowmen, reindeers and christmas trees..Lovely for childrens christmas stockings or sacks

MODA Cotton Quilting Craft Fabric - Reproduction 1890 1910 Bird Tulip Aqua CF Voysey - Morris Modernized by Barbara Brackman 8264 11

MODA Cotton Fabric - Novelty Garden Patch Multi - Be My Honey Bee Happy by Mary Jane Butters - 11620 11

Brought some of lovely!! MODA Cotton Fabric - Novelty Quilt Script Natural - Piecemakers Ivory Bluebelle by Kathy Schmitz - 6056 13