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Soldier: World War 1 Soldier in a field of poppies.


Jen Betton Illustration

[SJW] [Franglais] [R-18 (taggé)] [TW (taggé)] [Par Myroie] Tumblr politique engagé dans les luttes sociales. Je partage principalement du contenu issu d'autres blogs/sites. Mes propres créations...

plannedparenthood: rubbermaddox: Ilustrations...

Okay. Fuck the media. Fuck anyone who doesn't like how you look. Is it fucking up to them to decide if you can wear that cute outfit or not? No fuck that. Be who you are. Don't change for anyone. And most of all, love the skin you're in. You're gonna have it the rest of your life. Fuck the haters <3

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