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beautiful. Just... wow! Love this idea!! Decrease the aperture and add a shape infront of lens and light in background

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This collage is really striking, I could experiment with this technique. Decay, drawing

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Profiles of Milan Residents Perfectly Merged with Architecture

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Scream Yell Abstract Surreal Intense Passion Fine Art Print Photograph Self Portrait Black and White Shop Local Unique Different Crazy Fear

This could be transformed into a really interesting Photoshop lesson. Can You Hear Me Yet 8x12 Self Portrait Fine Art by STILphotography, $25.00

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A long blonde up-swept nesty curled quirky avant garde hairstyle | Tim Walker | #leonorgreyl #haircare |

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For every identity which the Narcissist discards, they create a new one, which is usually the old identity starting from scratch in the hopes of getting it right this new time around. They move in a perpetual cycle of repetition.