Top 5 photo editors for iPhone and iPad Apple’s relentless innovation machine keeps cranking out better and better products with every release. A picture being worth a thousand words, one area of Apple’s specific focus (so to speak) has been on photo taking.

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When getting started with a mobile app development project, there are a lot of things to consider. If I were to choose just one thing you need to know and you only had to time to read about seventy words, it would be this: make sure your app development company understands your vision and the keys to your success. Beyond that, here are 7 important questions to ask potential developers.

Apps for the Smart Business Instead of a manager walking back to a desk to manage the operations, the mobile Business App on a tablet can give instant control of the entire factory.

Design, Deploy, succeed We build apps that keep your customers in sync and prepare your business for the next big success story.

Gadget App Experts SDI’s Gadget App developers have started building smart apps for the new wave of apps that focuses on non-traditional consumer devices also referred to as “wearables, drivables, flyables, and scannables”.

Apps for headless devices Our Gadget App developers can build your App to link with or control any kind of connected gadget, from dog collars to refrigerators and beyond.

Trending mobile apps are apps which get a lot of downloads right away after they launch. Achieving “trending” status in the short-term can be a huge advantage in marketing and increasing success far into the future.

App development comes in three flavors: native, mobile and hybrid. Native apps are made for a specific platform using that platform’s SDK. Mobile apps, on the other hand, are made on the server side with coding like Java or PHP translating HTML into a form that looks good on a mobile device.

Work We are a privately held company with over 200 in-house expert software developers and multiple offices worldwide (Melbourne, Silicon Valley, London and India).

Work We create optimal user experiences to engage users with your brand and enhance the sticky factor.

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