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Yr 10 Resources

Hello Year 10! You will find pictures we have taken around Birmingham, artist we have looked at and more general points of inspiration on this board. This board belongs to you so make sure your keeping it up to date by adding artists and examples of your work so you can see your practice develop.
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Sarah Silverwood Smith completed a series called 'The Living City', which looked at areas of Birmingham undergoing redevelopment and saw the city as being alive.


Sarah Sliverwood Smith Drawing onto tracing paper, Sarah has been able to create a sense of smog and dust but retaining a sense of its temporality.


Sarah Silverwood Smith Have a look at the materials she uses - they are often recycled surfaces, such as card or newspaper. What sort of visual language is she using be selecting these surfaces?


Laura Oldfield Ford, who recently exhibited in New Art Gallery Walsall (amazing gallery) produces detailed illustrations of the city combined with chalk and spray paint, which address urban culture in Briton.


Mark Bradford has taken an abstract approach to the city, producing some interesting outcomes using paint and 2D found objects.