Illusion: Irish artist Rebecca Blair has a beautiful and consistent collection of drawings on her Tumblr page. Her work includes detailed line and lettering art, and what is interesting is that on some pages, there are watercolor shapes that mimic stained glass windows. Artwork/photos © Rebecca Blair.

Layering for antique aged look incorporating papers and aged looking fabrics. Looks very fragile but that is a look that would want to be portrayed if looking for a Miss Havisham style dress.

KIRSTY WHITLOCK I like kirsty Whitlock's work as she uses free machine embroidery to draw and adorn a surface. She uses recycled materials like in this piece she has used a tesco bag and a newspaper to create a piece. These slogans are embroidered onto the bag and are comments about society today. I love political art as I feel it has purpose and is another way of people speaking their views. There is also layers thread sewn and left hanging to create more texture and distress the piece.

The culture of a society includes the education of its young, its literature, its theater, music, the arts—in short whatever contributes to the “training and refinement of mind, tastes, and manners". The following image demonstrates culture in all senses of the word and the striking extent to which culture has become a commodity and has been communicated across the globe - a result of GLOBALISATION and TECHONLOGY.

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