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El Lissitzky

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EL lissitzky

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El Lissitzky - Horizontal Skyscraper Project (Wolkenbugel), 1925

Russian Avant-Garde

Visionary architect and artist Iakov Chernikhov (1889 – 1951) produced gorgeous conceptual architectural renderings that were years ahead of their time; his designs bore remarkable resemblance to the modernist architecture of the late 20th century. These images are from his seminal 101 Architectural Fantasies, published in 1933.

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Chernikov-11 main library

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Iakov Chernikhov, strict integration of individual structural elements into a…

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Horizontal Skyscraper - El Lissitzky

The temples of consumption: El Lissitzky. Horizontal Skyscraper.

The speculative constructivism of Iakov Chernikhov’s early architectural…

The speculative constructivism of Iakov Chernikhov's early architectural experiments, 1925-1932

Iakov Chernikhov | Construction of Architectural and Machine Forms “The…