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Norman, Philip (1842-1931) - London Vanished & Vanishing 1905 - St. Giles', Cripplegate & Fore St, London. #vintage, #london


1:55pm on a sunny Sunday afternoon, 1924 - Fleet Street. I love that London looks the same least architecturally (mostly).

Fleet Street looking towards Ludgate Circus, London, with St Paul's Cathedral in the background. The pub on the left, Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese (You can just see the bottom of the word "Cheese" in the top left of the photo) is still there.

Just off Fleet Street; this pub has been around for some time and it retains an 'Olde London' atmosphere. Dr Johnson's House is just around the corner and it's highly possible he would have come here (though there is no record of that). Anyway, there is plenty of Johnson memorabilia inside to help you make the connection.

Coventry is still medieval (in 1749) without any Industrial Revolution, so no terrace blocks.