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Preserves & Canning - Jellies

Sweet or savoury, these lovely little jellies really add versatility to your store cupboard and are often made from the left overs from other processes. Two for one!
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Recipe: Herb Jellies - make single variety or a mix - all are delicious, versatile, and capture the essence of early Summer


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Spiced Elderberry Jelly - make in the Autumn all ready to stir into hearty casseroles and gravies.

Recipe: Spiced Elderberry Jelly (Jellies) by Rosie Makes Jam

Seville Orange and Cracked Black Pepper is made during the Seville orange season. Warm with the heat of pepper use it as a glaze for meat or as a condiment.

Recipe: Seville Orange & Cracked Black Pepper Jelly (Jellies) by Rosie Makes Jam

Redcurrant Jelly - the traditional relish for roast lamb or use melted to glaze a Summer tomato tart.

Recipe: Redcurrant Jelly (Jellies) by Rosie Makes Jam