might be best to have this in our bedroom as it is the largest room in the house, but can be closed off. Everyone would camp out in there and we would have our own bed, if electric went out More

Not only is a fireplace one of the biggest comforts around this time of year, it’s also super easy to make it a really classy focal point of your living room using these 9 simple tips.

How to Add Whimsy to Your Garden

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BACKYARD || Can wrap around brick portion of patio and open under for dog houses, and Daisy can sit and look in the window. If there's room, can also have the top open for storage. Pretty shelter

Some people think of a small confined back garden as impossible to work in, but they offer just as much creative scope as larger gardens. We love this tiny patio area with the timber pergola, creeping plants, hanging basket and terracotta pots.