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Monsoons bring forth a host of illnesses that kids are more prone to. Your little angels need to be shielded from the showers to keep them away from all rain-related illnesses and germs that can cause them to sneeze and catch a cold. To keep your kids in the pink of health all through the monsoon, here are 10 things you must do. Don't Miss: Funky Footwear for Your Kiddos on a Rainy Day Image courtesy: ©Thinkstock photos/ Getty images

10 Tips to Shield Your Kid from Monsoon Health Hazards

Play is the essence of childhood and the child in every man. When a child plays, he uses all his five senses along with his heart and brain. There is no better way to power your child's brain than allowing him hours and hours of uninterrupted play. Even Mahatma Gandhi propounded the 3H method of education that includes hand, heart and head. This is also true for the Montessori method of learning. We tell you how play activates the brain. Don't Miss! 9 Ways to Make Play a Smarter Experience…

9 Ways Playtime Can Boost Your Kids' Brain Power

The gloomy monsoon days make travel a trouble even if it is just from home to your little one's school. All it takes is one wild downpour to get your kids drenched from head-to-toe. We are sure you've stocked up rain-ready must-haves for your children, but wondered what will happen to their beloved belongings when the monsoon takes its course? Here are some wonderful water-resistant bags you can get your little ones to keep their favourite possessions from getting soaked. Don't Miss: Funky…

10 Fun Kiddie Bags for the Rains

When people ask me, why I don’t answer my phone in the morning, my usual answer is, “I am on a marathon run and I can’t stop to answer a call for anything that doesn't scream URGENT!!!”Tired of this running around, I finally decided to figure out a more systematic method and avoid the conflict that drives me up the wall in managing the kids, their school timings and three different meal preparations (breakfast, children’s lunch box and the family lunch). It also ...

12 Tips to Help Moms Ease Up Their Mornings

Often when parents realise that their child has started showing interest in the opposite sex, they try their best to quell such interest. Needless to say, when your daughter gets distracted by thoughts of that cute boy in her class, she's not going to get a whole lot of studying done. This is what often worries parents, who feel that children should focus on their studies at this stage. After all, love is for later. We tell you how to deal with your daughter’s first crush.

How to Deal with Your Little Girl’s First Crush

When vanity and fitness are placed on an even keel, a gym membership becomes a mandate. With self-conscious teens flocking fitness centers, nutrition and diet fads are fast catching on, such as gulping down protein shakes to build muscles. But, is it safe for your teen to resort to such supplements? We dialed our experts to get their point of view on the effects of popular nutritional supplements on teens.

Is It OK For Teenagers to Take Protein Supplements

Everything parents do is under the scanner by their kids. Your little ones take note of every little thing you do and say. No wonder then that a five-year-old will know exactly what being fat or thin is. It is very important that you make a conscious effort to lead a healthy life so that your juniors have a healthy perception and a good body image.

No 'Diet Talk' Policy Helps Promote Positive Body Image in Kids

Adding a dose of style to your daily 9-to-5 work routine is a challenge for most working women. After all, apart from looking good, you want your clothes to spell comfort too! But nowadays, with dress codes more relaxed, looking effortlessly stylish isn’t a task. We show you how. Amp up your work wardrobe with functional yet trendy clothes and accessories this season.

Workwear Essentials for the Power Woman

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