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Dogs are meant to be family. If you can't invite them into your home and love them like family....don't get one.

Finally feels good to be happy in life. I may have my down days but not nearly as many. Not that I'm giving up but I just can't keep focusing on that area of my life n e more. Love will happen sometime... I hope!

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I grew up with 2 of the dogs that were my BEST FRIENDS ... Sport a Pittie my mama rescued n rehabilitated that was used for fightin n a rescued GSD Blue ... they were my 2 runnin buddies ... Bless their dear hearts

(Open RP. Need him) We were cuddling after our date. We used to be best friends but now we are more than that. I kiss his cheek and he turns and kisses me. It started out sweet and soft, but changed very quickly to hard and passionate. Our arms were right around each other and we both knew we weren't letting go anytime soon.

20 Most Inspiring Adventure Quotes of All Time

"Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show." Materialistic things may provide you with happiness -- but only momentarily. Experiences live to stay. What chapter of your life do you want to start next?

25 Inspiring Hope Quotes

Hope is the one of the strongest thing in world, like love it is so strong that it can give meaning of life, Hope gives Courage to life. Just believe in Hope, Hope for best. Here are some great Ins…

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