I love looking at this graphic. Giving all the health benefits of exercise in a cute little picture that actually makes sense. Now, where can I post this in my house to motivate me?

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This is a really simply and unique e cigarette. I like the clean lines and that you can see the color of the juice in the cartridge. The size looks pretty small as well which makes it easy to carry. http://www.aussie-e-cigarettes.com.au/e-cigarette-starter-kit/

I found it interesting to see that this helicopter landed on the ice. It's amazing that we can now provide paramedic services to such remote locations as this. I wonder what happened in order for the helicopter to be dispatched to such a place.

Having a child myself, I understand the importance of having a pediatric dentist. I discovered that pediatric dentists have an additional 2 years of training beyond normal dentists. It makes sense being that kids are still growing and developing and much more susceptible to damage.

This fruit basket is gorgeous. Receiving something like this is extremely thoughtful and very much appreciated. It's as they say, it's the thought that counts. Getting a basket like this with the flowers and fruit speak to the heart on so many levels.

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