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Handwriting Practice with Dirt and Sticks

Handwriting Practice with Dirt and Sticks- can go on a hunt outside to gather materials, or you can sit outside on a beautiful day and complete the activity- each child has their own personal pan

Evaporation lesson - make frames with duct tape, color with chalk inside, spray with water, see colors blend, leave alone for an hour, then see area dry again

Doesn't this provocation just draw you in and make you want to play? This could be for exploring weather or maybe patterns in nature or maybe even a sensory exploration of dirt and water

Getting to grips with shapes! This activity can also be great for mark making. Best outdoors this one, tiz a bit messy but easily cleaned. This is shaving foam! Squirt and spread across your surface. We then used our plastic shapes as templates and with our fingers drew around the outside, lifted up and had created our shapes which we then talked about. Great for shape classification!

Winter Art Project: Paint the Snow!

Painting in the snow. Outdoor learning. Creative development. Art. Physical Development. Mark making. Emergent writing. Teaching. Classroom. Resources. EYFS. Early Years. Reception. Children. Learning.

This is great for mark making and lovely outdoor play on a hot day! So simple, no clean up! Fill up a trug with water, add mops, brushes, brooms, sponges, spray bottles. Sit back while your children play. Dipping their tools in and making marks all over the garden/pavement/shed. :)