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In this blogpost I take you through upgrading your DJI Phantom 3 controller with a new device holder.

DJI released their new Intelligent Flight Modes for their Phantom 3 and Inspire One drones. Find out which modes there are and how they can be useful in a real life situation!

I travel 80% of the year with my drone. Security, Customs, Carry-on, Check-in? Learn what you need to do to safely bring your drone to a different country!

Pilot spotlight is a weekly post that highlights some of the most talented drone pilots in the world. Every Sunday on!

I review the backpack that I love in combination with my Phantom 3 Professional. The Think Tank Airport HeliPak is the backpack to get...

Not sure if building your own drone is the right step for you? Read all about the differences of building your own and a ready to fly drone and see what's best for you!

Follow along with me! I show you step by step how to upgrade your DJI Phantom 3 Controller with a HDMI Output module so you can hook up your TV or FPV Goggles!

Review:’s & Fieldnotes’ Flightlogs memobooks. Find out why I think you should have them in your bag & get a chance to WIN!

We interview Dennis Schmelz from Germany and find out what it takes to work for clients like Emirates & Boeing under tight deadlines!

Using a flight log to keep track & build up your flying hours