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Skomer Island

A Jewel in the Ocean! If you are after seabirds this is the place to be in spring when 10 000 puffins arrive to nest.
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Puffin. Some of the most endearing birds ever! Amazing adaptability too: spend most of the year in the Atlantic Ocean, coming ashore for 5 months to breed. They can fly 1000s of miles, swim underwater, and dig burrows to raise their young. Awesome!


Puffin sitting in the newly dug burrow. They will lay their eggs in the burrow, and take turns to fish for Sand Eels for the young and at the end of summer they leave to spend the rest of the year in the North Atlantic. What a tough life, but they always look gorgeous!

Puffin checking the feathers are i top condition. They are a bit ungainly on take off and landing, comical in fact, but in the air and underwater they are masters of their environment!

Puffin with fields of Red Campion in the background. Skomer Island in spring is gorgeous. Just a small boat trip across for Martin's Haven, Pembrokeshire, UK.

Puffins dig burrows at the cliff top to lay their eggs. Their favourite food is the sand eel which they chase down under water.