Thou art all, everywhere, and in all, and this body which acts is Thy own body, just as is the visible universe in its entirety; it is Thou who breathest, thinkest and lovest in this substance which, being Thyself, desires to be Thy willing servant. The Mother Prayers and Meditations.

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The Mother's Force is not only above on the summit of the being. It is there with you and near you, ready to act whenever your nature will allow it. It is so with everybody here.

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All our life, all our work must be a constant aspiration towards the supramental perfection. The Mother.

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The Sadhana is done by the Mother according to the Truth and necessity of each nature and of each plane of Nature. It is not one fixed process.

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The lights are the Mother's Powers -- many in number. The white light is her own characteristic power, that of the Divine Consciousness in its essence.

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