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TOP 4 METRICS TO KEEP IN MIND FOR HIRING TOP NOTCH TALENT 1.Job Validity: The time period when the job posting is active matters a lot to candidates while they are hunting for a job. It would impact the recruiters as well, when they happen to receive a candidate’s profile whose skill set would be perfect for the role but the organization has already hired a candidate due to an urge to close a position.


HR Analytics- An Invincible Arrow in Your Quiver! In today’s fast moving business world, a company’s stakes are very high that it cannot afford to back a wrong horse. - See more at:


rekroot is new age recruitment software with video interview as the main feature reducing time to hire by 80% for the existing clients.

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Pointers for New Grads who are Job Hunting. College graduates who packed up their dorm/hostel rooms last month but still haven’t found a job may be beginning to feel nervous about their prospects. - See more at: