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A Farmhouse-Style Home in Brooklyn

ample bookshelves, comfortable chair near a window and wall of framed maps make a great reading corner in living room of 'A Farmhouse-Style Home in Brooklyn'

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Analysis of a Well Styled Bookcase

Vary Book Placement. Did you know there are 7 ways to stack books? Karen from The Art of Doing Stuff teaches us how she styled hers in her IKEA Billy bookcases to break up the columns. Notice how she doesn’t just stick to books, she adds art and natural objects too. And don’t you love that reading chair?

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The Art of Bookshelf Arranging

“This is why I will never own an E-Reader: because a row of books is more than a compendium of information. It’s a map of all the places your mind has been, a group of friends standing silently by to comfort you.” - The Executor by Jesse Kellerman

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