Birth Control Therapy

Birth control is largely done with the help of contraceptive pills. They are also called emergency contraceptive pills or morning after pills. It prevents spermicide from interacting with an egg and even if it happens, fertilization cannot be completed because this drug thickens mucus around uterine. This drug shall be taken ideally immediately after an unprotected intercourse and kindly discuss with medical expert to avoid evil consequences.
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This drug is meant to cure impotence experienced by women. Some women are unable to justify arousal during the lovemaking or poor vaginal lubrication also affects the joy. In many cases women complain they are unable to feel orgasm or even if they experience it lasts for few moments. Thus, #Ladygra comes to their help. It contains the same sildenafil citrate ingredient as found in Viagra for men.

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#Pregtest card functions by spotting the presence of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin found in the woman's urine. This is also recognized as the pregnancy hormone. HCG is only found in pregnant women. Pregtest card is available online, you may choose to buy if you want to verify the #pregnancy. It claims to deliver perfect result in 99% cases.

#Yasmin can be used to treat various problems such as premenstrual dysphoric disorder, acne, renal disease, liver disease, dialysis etc. Yasmin is also recommended for the prevention of the unplanned pregnancy. This is the most effective contraceptive pill ever. When switching from another birth control pill, Yasmin should be started on the same day when a new pack of the earlier #birth control pill would have been started.

Women on Web helps to create access to safe abortion services with abortion pills. A medical abortion requires two medicines (mifepristone and misoprostol) that will be delivered to you. This drug allows you to end the pregnancy without a need to visit clinic on regular basis. Mifepristone is also regarded as early abortion termination pill.If this drug is taken as per the proper schedule, then it will definitely induce an abortion without affecting your health.

#Cytotec tablets are best suitable option for medical #abortion. Cytotec grants you freedom to terminate the pregnancy without a need to visit clinic more often. This is a drug is approved by FDA. Cytotec is considered as important part of medical abortion program. This is a non-invasive method where a pregnant woman may induce an abortion without undergoing any surgery.

#Ovral G is bit heavy because it comprises two hormones which act against basic hormones that are present in the women’s body and help to maintain the #pregnancy thus these ingredients just counter the effect of already available hormones and affect their functionality.

#Abortion Pill kit or MTP kit (Medical Abortion of Pregnancy kit) is an excellent medicine for termination of unplanned #pregnancy. This product has been approved by FDA; Abortion Pills are to be used for effective medical abortion which involves non-surgical measures and no use of anesthesia. It is a safe product and easy to use, Abortion Pills are easily available online at

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