. Palpap is additionally a magnificent coordinated effort instrument utilizing its Task, Discussion, Poll, Blog and Video meeting plugins. There is an interior informing framework inside Palpap however you can likewise coordinate it with outside specialized instruments like email and messaging.

Palpap – Inspro Plus ERP Software is the leading ERP Providers for Exclusively Educational Institutes Like Schools, Colleges and Universities. Palpap do keep on research in Educational Sector and always meet the customer requirement with advanced technologies and features. Since 1997, PALPAP has created strong customer Relationship with more than 450 Educational Institutes in Tamil Nadu.

The meeting was incredible and valuable for both closures and has indications of long haul connections between the Madras Christian College and PALPAP. Primary communicated that result of Palpap ERP programming is brilliant and supportive to institutionalize the operations of the Institution. Our top of the line training, specialized administration Team encourages instructive foundations to comprehend their innovation necessity and acknowledge institutional objectives.

PALPAP – Inspro Plus ERP Software Exclusively For Parents (Parent Mobile App) PALPAP – Inspro Plus ERP Software Exclusively Designed for Educational institutes to automate their entire management work process. Since its foundation in 1997, PALPAP do keep on research in Educational Sector and always meet the customer requirement with advanced features with advanced technologies.

Online leave management using PALPAP helps customize leave types. By automating Staff’s leave approval process, that can curtail unexcused absences and contain HR overheads. Staff’s can plan their leave around the team calendar to make sure your departments are adequately staffed. With centralized absence management you can ensure that your global resources are managed well. PALPAP cloud based leave management system is easy to set up and use.

This Process generates ESI Statement, PF Statement, Tax Statement and Gratuity as well as Salary Transfer of all Staff Members as per the Bank Format. This system also includes Automatic Leave Approval Updates based on the hierarchy of the Staff Member.

The module generates the report of Selected/Admitted Candidates List, Joiners List and Paid Members List, Vacancy List, First Graduate List, Location Wise Student List, Mark wise Student List, NRI Student List, Subject wise Student List, School (State Board/Metric/CBSE/Other State Education Board) wise Student List, Sports Quota wise Student List, Male Student List, . Real paperless environments began at the cultural level of Mass College with the help Of Palpap College ERP.

Palpap – Inspro Plus ERP Examination Management software at Adhiyamaan College of Engineering change the entire COE process automatically. In this system the Students can log in and collect their Hall Ticket based on the enrollment process. Palpap Hall Ticket generation System has also viewed the student passed out the year and the Eligible attendance percentage, how many arrear he/she have it and department wise the Hall Ticket was generated.

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