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Every now and then we keep hearing about data breaches and challenges to network security. It is extremely important that we meticulously handle the data security of an organization as it contains crucial information which needs to be treated as a private asset in silos.

Neglecting the security of a computer can lead to a huge cost. Network security can not only help in identifying a security breach, but it can also stop a virus from cloning and interacting with the existing data in the system to help the organization achieve the goal of keeping crucial data secure and uncompromised.

Antivirus is inevitable for organizational network security. Since the computers of an organization are all connected to the Internet and are involved in the process of data transfer, they are extremely vulnerable to cyber threats and crimes.

Cloud security is extremely important due to the increasing number of security breaches happening almost on a daily basis. Hackers are getting smarter and finding more ways to penetrate through the system and break through security.