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Small challenge table, where children find their personal challenge book and complete a different challenge each day. This one is to match each capital letter with the correct lower case one.

Learn through play with Sight Word Hopscotch (change to suit your learning needs - letters, numbers, vocabulary, colors, etc) Get kids active, outdoors & learning!

Consonant Digraph Sorting Activity

Classroom Freebies Too: Consonant Digraph Sorting Activity - great game for the phonics learners this year

Phonics game- rearrange the sounds around to make the word. Sounds made from plastic plant labels!

In Our Hands on

Phonics Factory.... turn the cups to make a word ... can you write it down? Yes they can!!!!

Guided Reading Activities

Hi everyone, I'm finally ready to reveal my new guided reading pack and I'm so excited about it! Last year, I made it my mission to i...

Reading Numbers

Reading numbers can seem simple but for many children it is very difficult. Here is a tool that you can make at home using a few toilet roll tubes. More than reading numbers, this tool can teach children to – extend and improve their understanding of place value build skills across the four main …