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Kayson and the other fallen angels have risked their lives to keep Sabrina safe as she recovered from a Hell hound’s... by Brandy Nacole


Darkest Reaches (Spiritual Discord, #3) by Brandy Nacole

I’m on a man-fast. You heard me, a male detoxification plan. WELCOME BACK TO SHELL COVE MEDICAL CENTER WHERE... by Siera London


Convincing Lina: A Bachelor of Shell Cove Novel by Siera London

1213 AD England Widowed and finally happy, Alinor de Bertram had built her beloved Sunnid into the perfect home for... by Nickii Fowler

Love's Tie That Binds: de Clare Chronicles by Nickii Fowler

Alysa Devlin started her life in a small town, grew up in a normal family. Well, maybe her parents are much stricter... by Jaime Goza

The Rise by Jaime Goza

This is the second book in The Phoenix Series. Alyssa and her husband Eden, are trying to settle into their new lives.... by Jaime Goza

Rising by Jaime Goza

Let me share some wisdom with you. There is evil in this world we cannot see, not because it is hidden from us, but... by Brandy Nacole

Deep in the Hollow by Brandy Nacole

This was it. The moment Heaven and Hell would clash. But which unearthly being would win, the fallen angel or Hell’s... by Brandy Nacole

Broken Faith (Spiritual Discord, #1) by Brandy Nacole

Have you ever found yourself in a relationship where you gave your heart, only to come up with heartbreak? Follow Nia a... by Queen Anoshi

Queen of Spades by Queen Anoshi

After Kayson fell from heaven, his life got complicated. His greatest enemies, the hell hounds, thrived on Earth and... by Brandy Nacole


Raging Storm (Spiritual Discord, #2) by Brandy Nacole

When a young priest is called to the home of wealthy widow Kate Danville, he hardly expects a tale of betrayal, lost... by M. Michelle Dwyer

Love And Do What You Will by M. Michelle Dwyer