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LS Lowry reproduction paintings 'Two Dogs' 1961.


Canal Bridge, Ashton Canal, Fairfield, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom, 1944, by LS Lowry.


BBC - Your Paintings - Canal Bridge

A Manufacturing Town, United Kingdom, 1922, by LS Lowry.

L.S. Lowry // A Manufacturing Town // Oil (1922)

L. S. Lowry - An Old Street - 1937

BBC - Your Paintings - An Old Street

LAURENCE STEPHEN LOWRY Winter in Pendlebury, Manchester (1943)

Your Paintings - Winter in Pendlebury, Manchester


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L. S. Lowry - The Lodging House

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industrial landscape - laurence stephen lowry

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Laurence Stephen Lowry - 1887 1976 -An Industrial Town

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L. S. Lowry

History of Art: cats in art