Bollywood Playback & Vajan Singer Anuradha Paudwal visited Shree Jagannath Temple | PURIWAVES

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Odiya Names of the months and their corresponding English Names PURIWAVES

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Lord Jagannath Statute at Goura Bihar Ashram, Puri

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Puri is a unique place where large number of Mathas or religious establishments belonging to different sects are located around the shrine of Lord Jagannath.

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Mother Hingula is worshipped as agni ( fire ) in the kitchen of Lord Jagananth at Shree Mandir Puri. Goddess Hingula is worshiped at a distance of 14 from Talcher. She is in the form of fire, another name for cosmic mother. Gopal Prasad is one of the famouse “shakti Pitha”, where each year Goddess Hingula gives Darshan to the devotees in a state of burning fire. It is belived that, Gopal Prsad is the “puja Stahali “,

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