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Lovely things to do in spring! Places to visit, things to do, plants to grow, gardening tips and advice for springtime.
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For many of us daffodils symbolise hope and new beginnings, they are the epitome of springtime.


Erysimum ‘Paintbox’ from Daisyroots Nursery at The RHS London Spring Plant Extravaganza, in the RHS Lawrence Hall.


John Goddard was awarded first prize in class 8, and Best Bloom in the Member's Classes 6 to 28, for this example of Narcissus 'Golden Choice', at The Daffodil Society Mid Southern Group's Spring Show 2016.

This beautiful exhibit from W & S Lockyer, specialist growers of auriculas, nerines, snowdrops, bulbs and perennials, was awarded a Gold Medal by the RHS Judges, at The RHS London Spring Plant Extravaganza 2016.

Every year many hedgehogs are killed by gardeners using slug pellets to control slugs and snails in their gardens. There are many natural, effective alternatives to slug pellets that won't harm hedgehogs and other wildlife, you can find more information here.

The RHS London Spring Plant Extravaganza is open from 10am until 5pm on Saturday 2nd April 2016. With a number of award winning nurseries together all in one place, it's a great place to buy some very special plants.

A beautifully scented exhibit from Jacques Amand International Ltd at The RHS London Spring Plant Extravaganza.