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A close up of an adult Springtail, also known as Collembola.

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A Ladybird larvae residing on a cordon grown Lathyrus odoratus stem. Pictured during my 2016 Sweet Pea Trial.

A ladybird resting on a Lathyrus odoratus leaf that has a covering of powdery mildew.

A variety of different spiders helped to control the number of aphids found on the Sweet Pea plants during the 2016 Sweet Pea Trial.

A Common Green Shield Bug nymph, also known by its scientific name of Palomena prasina resting on a dead Lathyrus odoratus leaf.

Here you can see a tiny pollen beetle, a Meligethes species, crawling over a Lathyrus odoratus 'John Gray' bloom.

Ampedus balteatus, a click beetle, as pictured inside my BiOrbAir terrarium on the 16th February 2016.

Today I found this click beetle inside my BiOrbAir terrarium! This is the third time I have spotted an insect inside this terrarium in less than a week! This is Ampedus balteatus, a fairly common click beetle, that can readily be found in England and Wales. I've yet to catch this beetle - so far he's been too fast for me, as soon as I am able to catch him, I will release the beetle outdoors.