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The weekend is incomplete without chocolate and lazing around while relishing it. To ensure that you are having a great weekend, we bring you an effortless and delicious recipe of chocolate walnut slices. The kids will love them as much as you do. We guarantee that these won't last the weekend, so make a few extra.

How to Make Chocolate Walnut Slice [Video]

Want to see your little one's eyes sparkle with joy? On the occasion of Children's Day today, we bring you 10 fantastic, fun-filled recipes that are everything but conventional. On the menu are, yummy cake pops, colourful and nutritious idlis, a delectable chocolate marshmellow pizza and white cheese and chicken lasagne, among others. Sounds delicious, doesn't it? Bring out the child in you and along with your kiddos cook up these innovative recipes to set the party rolling on your dinner…

10 Fun Kiddie Recipes to Make Children’s Day Special

Running around the pantry is the done thing for a home cook who struggles to get the dinner menu ready on time. Some chefs get really creative with their preparations, while others work smart to save time. While you struggle to meet deadlines, amidst the crackle of curry leaves and the aromas of roasting spices, here are 10 remarkable hacks that will help you speed up your cooking process. Image courtesy: Shutterstock Don't Miss! Smart Ideas: Winter Buys to Keep Your Kitchen Warm

10 Smart Hacks for Effortless Indian Cooking