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Simple Ruby Necklaces - Jewellery Designs

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♡ Pearly Earrings|| Devotee Meera used to do idol worship but later Guru Ravidas (guru miliyaa raidasjee) guided her that until she'll meditate on God & seek Him inside her heart she cannot achieve Krishna. Great teacher is a great artist and Spiritual Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human Heart and Spirit and we become love with 'learning is being' rhythm......!! (DaajiTheHighestCaliberDivineBeingOnEarth) www.daaji.org www.heartfulness.org

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Ruby Kasu Mala with Pendant - Jewellery Designs

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Antique coorgi bangle pair The Coorg Collective by Meriyanda Nature Lodge- Coorg, #Coorg #resortinCoorg http://www.meriyanda.com/

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