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Counter-tops are what make the kitchen. You can either put laminate or granite counter-tops in.


Kitchen cabinets for every budget. All real wood cabinetry that looks beautiful and wonderful. You only do your kitchen once so do it up! At Primo Remodeling we will do a free design and floor plan for you. Look at the bottom of the page and see a sample drawing of a kitchen.


Floor Baseboards Miami can be installed in any part of your house. Contact the nearest dealer to get the baseboard flooring and remodel the old flooring.


Proper flooring fitting and installation can speak volumes about your house and enhance the aesthetics. It not only increases the home appraisal rate, but adds style to the property as well.

Primo Remodeling is one of the fastest growing online retailers in Miami offering a wide variety of kitchen accessories and vanities for sale.

Primo Remodeling has all your products for remodeling! We carry high quality products for a real low price.

Kitchens and bathrooms form a significant part of the house. While selling a home in the future, you will be having potential buyers paying most attention to these places.

As the professionals offering services for cabinet installation are specialists in this job, they can deal well with a few glitches that might occur during the course of work.

If you do not have the adequate knowledge to redesign the kitchen, then it would be better to take professional help. You can hire a kitchen installation company.

You can visit the office of the companies and ask to see a portfolio of their work done. If the company is good enough, it will be proud to give you at least two or three references of previous customers.