Staying Awake. A friend returning from India and dealing with jetlag added a small line in an email to me – my goal today: to stay awake.

Rama. The seventh avatar of Vishnu is hero of the Ramayana. Born as a prince to King Dasharatha and Queen Kaushalya, Rama wins the hand of his wife Sita in a competition held by Sita's father, King Janaka; only he can string Shiva's bow. When his aunt Kaikeyi schemes to deprive him of Dasharatha's throne by putting her son Bharata there, Rama and Sita are banished to a forest for 14 years. During that time, the ten-headed demon Ravana kidnaps Sita but Rama rescues her and killed Ravana.

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Aditi (Devamata - meaning 'Mother of the Dieties'), wife of Sage Kashyap - praying to Lord Vishnu for the Devas her sons to regain their lost kingdom (the heavens). Her prayers brought about the birth of the Vamana Avatar as the Lord confronted Asura King Bali (Grandson of Prahlad) as the Dwarf Brahmin Vamana.Bali granted Vamana those 3 paces of land and the Lord subsequently gave Lord Indra and the Devas back their kingdom.

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Shri Rama breaking Shiva's divine bow in assemblage of kings invited by Janaka for Sita-Swayamvara.

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