Play with lights! These Photography Tips Might Help You to Take Great Pictures See more at: The digital single-lens reflex (DSLRs) camera has entered the market the Internet has exploded with new photography techniques.

HP Comes with New Smart watch: A Peril to Moto 360? See more at: HP has come up with its newly launched smartwatch, and it is bit more than nice. For creating a luxury design that may outshine the current, yet unreleased smartwatch, Moto 360

10 Outstanding Blu Ray Players:Experience HD Entertainment at Your Comfort Zone see more at: If one wants the best movie content and picture quality on one’s HDTV one needs to buy a Blu-Ray player.

HP Stream 14 Competes with Chromebooks with 50% Hike See more at: HP has announced Stream 14 laptop, but there seems to be some variation in it. HP has launched first stream PC with 50% higher even what was being promised.

Vu TV Featuring 50 and 55 inch UHD TV’s defeats Sony Samsung in India See more at: Vu TVs, a California based company has come up with Vu 50K310 and 55XT780 LED TVs with 4K UHD (3840*2160p) resolution.

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