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Slimming world coleslaw - Syn free White cabbage - shredded Onions - thinly sliced Carrots - grated Mixed herbs Salt and pepper Fat free fromage frais Add all ingredients together in a bowl. Mix thoroughly and season to taste. Delicious and Syn free!!!


Old El Paso Chilli and Garlic One Pan Rice Meal - free on slimming world extra easy. Substitute peppers with any veg. Have also heard it's great with prawns.

Magic Porridge Before bed, mix 1 sachet of plain OatsoSimple or similar with a fat free yoghurt - I use Mullerlight and change the flavours. Leave it in the fridge overnight - the porridge doubles in size! You can mix this with fresh fruits or just eat it as it is. This is a healthy extra B choice on Slimming World, great for a summer day when you don't want hot porridge!

This is a based on a recipe from one of my fellow class members - thanks Adam! The whole cake is half a syn, so even if you eat half of it, it's hardly worth counting. It's not a 'cake' as such, but considering the lack of syns it's a great way to satisfy a sweet or cake craving.