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Bring a pair on board! Can't count the times I was sitting in a window seat and the sun was in my face for hours (when you're traveling east west especially). Glad I brought my sunglasses in my carry-ons!

Soap. Many times, they're out-- at the airport and on board. Dr Bronner soap is my fav since it's comes in TSA approved small bottle and cleans everything! Face, hands, laundry and more. Great when they lost your bag too-- you'll be good for a couple of days for sure!

Obviously you'd like to bring an (inflatable) neck pillow. Even better, the ones with the little beads, very comfy. The Total Pillow is my fav since it folds in all kind of shapes and gives more 'hight' in the neck. Also, I like to place it on my tray table and stick my face in it--- it's one of the only ways I sleep on board (yeah, messed up, I know!).

Must have on a long plane ride! These cute little water spays (they come in TSA friendly sizes) relieve dry skin due to air conditioning on board. Just spritz once in a while.

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