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Either you look like a football player or extremely uncomfortable because you can barely get your arms around the twins. Lol

If someone tells you you're not beautiful turn around and walk away, so they have a great view of your fabulous ass Picture Quote #2

Unless you want to look like a wide box, don't wear ribbed sweaters. They are only cute on the rack.

Not-so-Safety Pins. - when I had to wear a uniform at work, all of the supervisors kept safety pins on hand just for me and my exploding buttons (there was a lot of fast reaching and stretching involved in my work)

I don't even find this one funny because it's so painfully true. I actually had a friends mom In (elementary) school who stopped letting her daughter hang out with me because I was to "Boy crazy". Uhh, no. I was less so than the daughter. I just had unnaturally big boobs for 11 years old (it felt unnatural at least). She acted as if I asked for puberty to strike so soon for attention.