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Bean turns 19 soon, inherited millions from her father’s estate last year, and now it looks like she might have a future modeling career. These stunning black-and-whites turned up on designer…

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Tattoos are one of my favorite methods of self expression. I feel they are deeply personal and can sometimes turn

Beauty School Dropout (18x24 signed poster print)

i make art, get my picture taken, go to school, and am really into my bearded babe of a boyfriend. this is a strange mix of content. glitter to gore, feminism to food. aren't we all full of strange...

Navy Pin Up Girl Tattoos - never thought i'd like the look of a pin up but this one isn't half bad

"Sepia on the staircase -- mirror in the back of my brain. Makes these hard pants feel great -- I used to like to complain. But, hey, I'm startin' to feel okay. Lucky number nine, hooray." -The Moldy Peaches